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UPDATE: 08-24-2005
After 3 or 4 years I am finally going to get a working PCB for my Centuri Eagle.

Up until now, the graphics have been completely messed up and the game is not playing correctly. I tried the basic "reseat all socketed chip" thing but that was a futile attempt.

After I move the game from my shed to my garage I will be sure to take some pictures and update this page.
UPDATE: 08-25-2005
Damn mice!!! Went out to the shed to bring the game back to the house and the monitor was invaded by mice. HUGE mouse nest with all the poop and piss you could imagine. So bad that I removed the monitor shelf and I'm going to put in a new one... one that doesn't reek of mouse piss!!!

As a side note... I worked for over an hour at getting all the mice reminents out while have a horrible allergy attack(due to the mouse hair & "stuff"). DAMN MICE!!!
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