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Medieval Madness

Wow... no idea where to start with the story behind this one. Reader's Digest version... we traded our Spooky Pinball America's Most Haunted along with $500 and a few other items for this.

Medieval Madness Translite

The Medieval was pretty good original shape when we got it so we could have just played it as-is and been happy... but what fun is that!

Medieval Madness Sideart

The first thing I had to do is change out the battery holder as it just started to show a little leakage.

Medieval Madness Leaking Battery

The next thing was to swap out the incandescent bulbs for color matched LEDs.

Medieval Madness Colors!

And then we felt the need to update the old DMD to a ColorDMD! You know... to match the LEDs.

Medieval Madness ColorDMD

After we got the game looking great, we added a Flipper Fidelity kit that included new speakers for the head, a new subwoofer for the main cabinet, and a mixer/volume control that mounts in the head.

Medieval Madness Coin Door

Almost forgot the latest thing we added... there's an awesome company that makes a 3D Translite for Medieval Madness!!! Of course we just had to!!!

Medieval Madness
(3D translite does NOT like to have it's picture taken! Looks AWESOME in person though!!!)

UPDATE: 03-27-2016
Added this page.
(AS OF: 03-27-2016)
  • Replaced battery holder.
  • Cleaned and waxed playfield.
  • Replaced incandescent lights with LEDs.
  • Replaced DMD with ColorDMD.
  • Added Flipper Fidelity Speaker Kit.
  • Replaced translite with 3D translite!

  • Play, play, PLAY!!!

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