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Return of the Jedi

We bought this from Ray(aka RayWest@KLOV) of Westfield, Ma back in the beginning of August of 2012.

Return of the Jedi - left side

Getting the game was a bit of an adventure that involved Steve(SRW) getting his delivery guy Ed to take the game from Ma to Steve's storage facility in near Albany. Once the game was there, I made the drive to bring this game home.

Return of the Jedi - right side

As you can see from the above pictures, the game arrived in pretty decent shape. And honestly, considering this thing has not been restored and has all it's original parts, it is in fantastic shape imho!

The control panel has some cigarette burns on it, but it's not horrible. If I ever happen upon a mint control panel I'd pick it up but I'm not going to be searching for one..

Return of the Jedi - Control Panel

I have not done anything to this game yet except play it! Eventually I'll rebuild the power supply and cap-kit the monitor but honestly... I just want to play!

Return of the Jedi - screen shot

UPDATE: 08-19-2012
Created this page.
(AS OF: 08-19-2012)
  • Cleaned bezel
  • Adjusted volume

  • Cap-Kits on power supply and monitor

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